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The Sweet Lemon System - Putting Outfits Together For Your Family Session

The Sweet Lemon System

This is how I put together outfits for our family of 5. This system will work for any family. Keep in mind that this is only my style, and if you like a combination, go with it! I want your photos to represent YOU!

  1. Select an outfit for ONE person. Make it a pattern. It can be a plaid, floral, print, etc.

  2. Select the rest of your outfits by pulling colors from that first outfit's pattern.

  3. That's it!

This is an example of outfits that I put together really quick from Old Navy. I chose a pattern for my youngest, then pulled colors from that pattern. As you can see, the tan, blue and pink are not "perfect" matches, but they are close enough to not clash.

I often try to think "who may sit on who's lap?". As a photographer, I can always put the patterns on opposite sides when posing. However, if you want a picture of all of the kids, two are bound to be next to each other, so if you aren't confident with two patterns, stick to one.


Quick Tips:

  1. Avoid neons - Neon colors are meant for reflection, and they will do just that! Skin tones and tons of other things can pick up on this in your photos if you do choose neons.

  2. Choose to coordinate, not match - You want the images to look cohesive, but not blend together. If everyone coordinates, we can do different combinations of people together, and they all look nice.

  3. Take your home decor into consideration! - What will you be doing with the images? Will they hang in your living room? By matching your home decor, your pictures will fit right in when hung on the wall!

  4. Limit patterns and large logos - These can create a distraction to the eye when you first look at the images. I want to be able to see YOU! With that being said, you can still do patterns! Just don't do too many at once.

  5. Lay out the outfits - Put the outfits on a bed or the floor, so you can see them together. I always lay mine and Tyson's down first, and put our girls' clothes on top. That is somewhat how the poses will be layered - Mom and Dad in the back and the kids in the front!

  6. Extended family sessions - Since you aren't in each other's closets, and it's hard to see everyone's outfits together, pick a color scheme. (Bolds, pastels, earthy tones, etc.)

Family Earthy Tones

For my extended family, we chose bold earthy tones. Each separate family was able to coordinate their individuals, and as a big group, it still looks good!


Quick Inspiration

When in doubt, message me! I am always more than glad to help you pick!


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