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Courtney + Steven | Maternity

This evening, I got to catch not one, but two gorgeous glows! The first one was, of course, that dreamy sunlight that we all love, but the second one was much more special! It was Courtney's contagious smile, ready to meet her newborn son in a few weeks.

Maternity sessions are in my top three favorites to photograph. I seriously cannot get over how incredibly amazing the human body is. We grow a precious miracle inside of us, and before we know it, they're learning our every move. Courtney and Steven will soon learn how the late nights and early mornings are always worth it. No matter how frustrated you get, when you turn to that teeny face, it's smiling up at you and you can't help but laugh.

I wish them both all the luck in the world, and I hope they like coffee and pop tarts (because even though I like to pretend I'm super mom, I still don't feel like whipping up breakfast at 6am.)


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